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Skin Rejuvenation/Photo Facial - IPL

Have you started noticing small brown spots on your skin? If so, you’re not alone. Many patients who have spent extended time in the sun are vulnerable to experiencing accelerated signs of premature aging on their face, hands and decollate. These sun spots are a form of skin damage, and they represent one of the most common skin concerns. Fortunately, there's a simple solution to improve your skin tone and restore a more youthful-looking complexion, a photofacial treatment.

Venus Concept's IPL face treatment is a simple, non-surgical way to effectively target pigment under the skin's surface to reduce the appearance of discoloration and premature aging. There is minimal discomfort and typically only some redness for about a day afterward. With an IPL photofacial, you can achieve noticeably brighter, clearer, and more youthful-looking skin. Each treatment also works on vascular marks, such as spider veins and capillaries. All it takes is a few quick treatments, each of which lasts about 15 to 20 minutes and fits easily into your busy schedule or even on a lunch break.

Venus Concept's photofacial treatments are powered by Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to safely and effectively fade common signs of premature aging, including sun spots, discoloration, and visible veins. IPL technology sends precise light through several layers of skin. This targets skin imperfections, correcting them without damaging any surrounding tissue.

 * Real-time cooling system for more comfortable treatments
 * No downtime
 * Quick treatment sessions last only 15-20 minutes

Face - $200
Neck - $250
Décolleté $250
Hands - $150
Arms - $200
Upper Leg - $250
Lower Leg - $250
Isolated Area - $60

Laser Hair Reduction - IPL

Unwelcome hair growth can be embarrassing for everyone. And although there are plenty of hair removal options, they aren't always worth it. Shaving and depilatory creams might be a quick fix, but they only get rid of the hair at the surface—not to mention the risk of nicks and adverse skin reactions. Waxing and plucking may deliver longer-lasting results, but treatments are painful and time-consuming. Where does that leave you?

Venus Concept is transforming hair removal by using advanced technology to permanently reduce unwanted hair on the face and body. You can finally enjoy smooth, hair-free skin with results that last longer than traditional methods.

Venus hair removal treatments work with advanced technology that targets and destroys the follicle under the skin's surface. Over time, this significantly reduces hair growth, with results that last longer than shaving, waxing, plucking, or depilatory creams. Our Venus Velocity™, Venus Epileve™, and Venus Versa™ hair removal devices use laser and IPL technologies that target hair when it is in the growth phase, and is most responsive to treatment, producing noticeable results with little discomfort.

 * Safe for use on the face and body
 * No downtime
 * Comfortable treatment experience

Upper Lip - $50.00
Brow - $50.00
Chin - $50.00
Toes - $50.00

Under Arms - $100.00
Bikini Line - $100.00
Hands - $100.00
Feet - $100.00

Bikini Plus - $150.00
Upper Leg - $150.00
Lower Leg - $150.00
Upper Arm - $150.00
Lower Arm - $150.00
Abdomen - $150.00
Chest - $150.00
Upper Back - $150.00
Shoulders - $150.00
Lower Back - $150.00

Chest & Abdomen - $250.00
Full Back - $250.00

Full Arms & Under Arms - $300
Full Legs - $300

Bikini Line & Under Arms $212.50


Acne Treatment - IPL $125

If you're still struggling with acne breakouts and are interested in acne reduction, you're not alone. Acne is among the most common skin conditions in the world, affecting up to 50 million people each year in the United States alone. Research shows that up to 55% of adults aged 20 to 40 suffer from low-grade acne and oily skin1. But no matter how common it is, acne is still a struggle to live with. The good news is you don't have to anymore.

Acne can take many different forms. For example, it can cause blackheads and whiteheads, which are clogged pores filled with sebum, or oil and cellular debris. Whiteheads are ones that haven’t pushed all the way to the skin’s surface as blackheads have, which causes their dark color. Acne can also take the form of papules and pustules. Papules are tiny pimples that measure less than 0.5 centimeters across, they are sometimes called pinheads; Pustules are another type of pimple; they are larger than papules and contain pus. Other painful forms of acne such as nodules and cysts can also form. Nodules are larger papules that form deeper into the skin, whereas cysts, which resemble boils, are closed pockets of tissue that contain pus. 

With the right treatment for acne reduction, however, you can effectively target both the cause and visible symptoms of acne-related skin conditions like the above. Devices using IPL, or intense pulsed light, can be used for acne reduction. 

Venus Concept's Venus Versa™ acne treatments use dual lights that work to heal existing acne-related inflammation, while also destroying acne-causing bacteria to minimize future breakouts. Sometimes referred to as IPL photofacial for acne, IPL for acne produces noticeably smoother, healthier-looking skin that you'll be happy to show off. Learn more about IPL for facial acne with our FAQ. 

Have you heard of using an IPL Photofacial for acne? Venus Versa, Venus Concept's acne reduction device, is powered by Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to safely and effectively reduce acne and inflammation.

 * Real-time cooling system for more comfortable treatments
 * No downtime
 * Quick treatment sessions last only 15-20 minutes

Skin Resurfacing

If you're one of many people who are bothered by their uneven skin texture—be it scars, wrinkles, enlarged pores, or stretch marks—the solution is easier than you'd think. Stop worrying about covering up old acne scars or stressing over the deep-set wrinkles that make you look older than you really are. It's time to take the first step toward celebrating your skin.

Venus Concept's targeted skin resurfacing treatments can effectively reduce signs of skin damage and improve the appearance of uneven skin texture, no matter how fair or dark your skin tone. With just a couple of quick sessions, you'll notice a naturally smoother, more radiant, and healthier-looking complexion that lasts.

Venus Concept's skin resurfacing treatments are powered by advanced radio frequency technology to safely correct signs of skin damage, which improves the appearance of scars, visible pores, deep wrinkles, stretch marks, and uneven skin texture.

 * Safe for all skin tones
 * Low downtime
 * Quick treatment sessions last only 15-30 minutes

Face - $500
Neck - $600
Face And Neck - $900

Skin Tightening

As we get older, our bodies start to produce less collagen and store more fat—this is what eventually leads to wrinkles, sagging, cellulite and other signs of ageing. Sagging skin can be hard to deal with, especially since it cannot be easily targeted with diet and exercise alone.In the past, surgical procedures or injectables have been the go-to solution for skin tightening. Fortunately, that isn’t the case anymore..

Venus Versa™ Radio Frequency (MP2) rejuvenates the appearance of skin by safely and comfortably heating the tissue under the skin’s surface. This triggers the natural production of collagen and elastin, the key building blocks of healthy, youthful skin. The result is effortlessly tighter, smoother, and younger-looking skin.

Venus Versa™ uses heat to:
Diminish fine lines
Diminish wrinkles
Tighten Skin
Improve circulation for natural radiance 
Reshape without surgery or downtime 
Combining Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields, which produce uniform heat under the skin’s surface. The radio frequency causes a thermal reaction in the tissue, which stimulates the body’s natural healing response. This works to increase collagen and elastin, which results in tighter, smoother skin. 
This process also works to break down the volume of fat cells in the treatment area, which helps to give a slimmer, more contoured shape.

Face Contouring - $200
Neck Tightening -$150
Face & Neck Tightening-$300
Eye Area Contouring $100
Jowl & Chin Contouring $100

Tribella Treatment - $850

Through sun exposure, aging, and hormonal changes, the skin can sustain a lot of damage. If you’ve noticed age spots, sun damage, or uneven pigmentation/tone, the TriBella™ facial rejuvenation treatment may be right for you. TriBella™ facial rejuvenation is a high-intensity non-invasive solution that gives highly visible results, fast. Combining three unique procedures into one complete skin renewal treatment, the TriBella™ treatment exclusively available from our Venus Versa™ device will leave your skin feeling incredibly smoother, and looking younger and healthier.

The Venus TriBella™ photofacial treatment corrects discoloration, fades age spots, reduces sun damage, and improves skin tone. Then, the anti-aging treatment diminishes fine lines, reduces wrinkles*, and firms up skin. Lastly, the skin resurfacing treatment smoothens out the appearance of uneven skin texture, scars, rosacea, enlarged pores, stretch marks, and other skin textural concerns.

TriBella™ photofacial uses precise bursts of intense pulsed light to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and sun damage. The light targets and reduces the hemoglobin pigment inside visible blood vessels and dark pigmented spots. The result is glowing, younger-looking skin.

TriBella™ anti-aging uses a comfortable combination of energy types to produce heat beneath the skin, helping to promote healthy blood flow and increase the production of collagen and elastin fibers. The result is skin that looks firmer and younger, and with fewer lines or wrinkles*.

TriBella™ skin resurfacing improves skin texture by delivering channels of energy deep into the skin, using tiny electrode pins to create micro-dermal wounds with minimal impact on the epidermis. As the skin heals, it naturally boosts collagen and elastin production for total skin renewal.

Laser Hair Reduction - FAQ

How do I prepare for laser hair reduction?
Before your laser hair reduction treatment, we recommend:

- Shaving the treatment area 24 hours before your session
- Using sunblock with broad spectrum SPF 30 or greater before treatments
- No tanning 2-3 weeks before your session
- Avoiding exfoliating agents (Retin-A, acne medication) for three days prior to treatment

We also requests you share information about all the medications and supplements you take prior to your hair-reduction session because they can alter the safety and effectiveness of your laser treatment.

What happens during laser hair reduction treatment?
We work with you to develop personalized laser hair reduction treatments based on your specific needs and reviews the details during your consultation. Treatment time may vary depending on the size of the treatment area, ranging from a few minutes to an hour.

Most patients tolerate laser hair reduction with minimal discomfort. However, we may offer a topical anesthetic if you’re sensitive.

You may notice slight redness and swelling around the hair follicles after treatment. We recommend using aloe gel or cool packs to ease these side effects.

We also provide detailed instructions on how to care for your skin after your treatment, which may include:

- No rubbing or picking at your treated skin
- Avoiding use of loofahs and abrasive scrubs for three days after treatment
- Using broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher
- Avoiding strenuous activity and hot water for up to 24 hours

If your skin crusts or blisters, we recommend applying petroleum jelly to the area.

How many laser hair reduction treatments do I need?
Hair grows in cycles, so you will need more than one laser hair reduction treatment to get the best results. We generally recommend six treatments spaced apart by 1-3 months to achieve permanent hair reduction.

ZO Stimulator Peel

The ZO Stimulator Peel sloughs away dead skin cells and superficial blemishes to reveal clear, fresh skin underneath. It also stimulates cell turnover for ongoing skin health. This enzyme peel with AHA and BHA is safe for all skin types, with no downtime, this is the ultimate results- driven treatment that you are looking for. This peel can be performed as often as once a week.

Lindsay received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from George Mason University, and has worked as an RN in the Emergency Department as well as in Women’s Health for over fifteen years. Lindsay has a passion for women’s health and enjoyed her time supporting women in her labor and delivery role. In continuing her passion for women’s health and wellness, she obtained her master’s degree in Nursing and is now a Board Certified Family
Nurse Practitioner.

Lindsay has trained with one of the top educators in the field of Aesthetics Rana Kennelly at the Confidence Bar in Chicago. She is certified in neuromodulators (Botox) and hyaluronic acid fillers. She lives in Haymarket with her husband Mike, her kids Ben and Delaney, and goldendoodle Henry.

Lindsay Spudic

FNP-C, Laser Certified
ig - lindsay_aestheticnp

Katie has been a Registered Nurse for 20 years and has joined the Tranquility team to expand doing what she loves...helping people truly feel their best. With the recognition that in today's world, the importance of self-care is a primary way to stay physically and mentally healthy, Katie strives to help clients achieve their goals and feel great about themselves through use of our Medspa services. Katie graduated with her Associate Degree in Nursing from St. Elizabeth's College of Nursing and her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the State University of New York at Utica. Katie grew up and went to school in upstate New York. She relocated with her family to Northern Virginia in 2018. She enjoys watching her kids in their various sports, reading, spending time with her husband and 2 dogs, and watching and cheering for her favorite team, the Buffalo Bills!

Katie Kellogg

BSN, RN, Laser Certified
ig - katie.nurseaethetics

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