This ongoing program was divinely inspired to help the women in our community that are experiencing Betrayal Trauma. At a time when the devastation of intimate betrayal has turned lives upside down and shattered hearts, the Tranquility Team wants to help by coming alongside of you or someone you know to offer encouragement, free MedSpa and Salon services that will help you look and feel younger, offer prayer support and resources for heart healing. We will be accepting applicants on a continual basis.   

What is Betrayal Trauma?
Betrayal trauma describes the emotional impact a person experiences after their trust or well-being is violated, either by people or institutions that are significant in their life. This type of trauma usually relates to primary attachment figures like a parent, caregiver, or other important relationship from childhood. In adulthood, it tends to repeat among romantic partners. 

The Golden Makeover recipient will receive: 
  • MedSpa services that are recommended by Our MedSpa team 
  • A hair makeover by our Salon team 
  • An opportunity for prayer ministry 
  • A bundle of resources from Heart-to-Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

A Message from Gloria:
I will be reading the applications and reaching out to the winners personally. I want to be sure their experience is confidential and very healing.

The Lord promises to never leave or forsake us, our hope is to be His hands and feet during the most difficult and painful season in life. Our prayer is to see you through until Victory is yours. 

How To Enter:
Tell us your story or the story of a friend or relative that could use a Golden Makeover. 

Winners that are chosen for the Golden Makeovers will be in complete confidence. No one will know their situations.

Thank you For Your Submission! WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU SOON!

Contact Us for a Golden Makeover

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